NVIDIA’s Edge is inside the enterprise

NVIDIA, which makes GPU chips popular for AI, has now released a software/hardware package called NVIDIA’s EGX edge platform. Cisco, Red Hat, AWS IoT Greengrass, and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge were part of the initial announcement. (Below)

All seven examples were for on-premises Edge rather than the clouds being developed by the carriers. Foxconn is watching assembly lines; GE interpreting results from Magnetic Resonance Imagers; Partners is automating medical record analysis; and Seagate is doing visual processing.

The release mentions “5G base stations,” but provides no examples of that use. The telco Edge clouds are not being deployed at the base stations anyway. They are all further back in the carrier network.

NVIDIA so far sees little demand from the telco Edge.

NVIDIA Launches Edge Computing Platform to Bring Real-Time AI to Global Industries

Monday, May 27, 2019 

Leading Computer Makers Adopt NVIDIA EGX Platform, Offering GPU Edge Servers for Instant AI on Real-Time Streaming Data in Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation

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