Athonet Mobile Cloud Core: Live and waiting for you at Amazon

Athonet offers a software-based mobile packet core solution available in minutes at Amazon AWS. Check Amazon; it’s ready to go.

Suddenly, anyone building corporate LTE, regional IoT, broadband in the shared 3550 or anything unlicensed, and more can get right to work with no cash down, paying as they build a client base. The majors are also interested; the CTO award panel included some of the biggest in the business.

BubbleCloud just won a record four GLOMO awards, That’s particularly impressive because it was only nominated in three categories. The fourth was a special CTO’s Choice award. That’s as many as Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung combined.

CEO Dr. Karim El Malki has been working on cores since he founded Athonet in 2005. The first product was tested in 2010. El Malki reflects that perhaps mobile operators were not ready then for cloudification.

Athonet is a new name to many of us, but they have done years of research. Nanda Menon writes me, “We have over 100 commercial systems in operation, public ones being the Govt of Finland, Enel (largest utility in Europe), La Ronde Mine in Canada, government of Italy and Government of France.”

Orange/France Telecom, BT, and Facebook have said encouraging things about his current products. The first few systems are live (French public safety, South American mining.)

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