10-15 ms servers deploying from Vapor IO

1 ms 5G is years away but the first 10-15 ms Edge Clouds are sprouting up. A day after I said, “No one is deploying Edge at the cell sites,” I discovered Vapor IO is deploying systems one hop away or sometimes at towers. Update: Vapor tells Mike Dano “Vapor IO is putting its edge computing functions,” where they … Read more10-15 ms servers deploying from Vapor IO

Pokémon GO first to DT “Edge network in the core”

Deutsche Telekom is building an “Edge infrastructure through decentralized cloudlets.” Niantic Pokémon GO will be one of the first apps, with other AR/VR nets joining in. Controlling autonomous cars probably cannot work, but coordinating them and working with the connected car’s onboard computers could yield remarkable results.

Cloud servers with ample processing power will be located in one of Deutsche Telecom’s 17 facilities that connect all of Germany or one hop closer to the consumer. 

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