Verizon Edge: 10 2020, 50 2021, ?1,000

Cowen, after a discussion with Verizon management, confirmed that its much touted Edge platform would be insignificant until 2022. Contrary to earlier reports, Verizon’s Edge may not be very close to customers but rather several hops from towers and fiber connections at 50 signaling access points.

The speed will normally be 10-20 ms to the end user, not the 1-5 ms promised by 3GPP and ITU. That will mostly be lab-only for years.

Verizon has a team planning for a wider distribution, perhaps to thousands of points including C-RANs in stadiums and train stations. They are aware of the 4,000 node network planned at Rakuten Japan and the much larger network already under construction in China.

Verizon remains uncertain about demand and continues cautious, like all other Western carriers.

Improvements welcome