Hoffman: Minimum Edge $3M-10

Servers inside the telco network are going to be important. Korea Telecom has announced 8 regional hubs. I believe Deutsche Telekom offers 13 hubs initially. They are beginning to provide revenue, allow making deals, and let your people build the necessary system and interfaces.

Jason Hoffman is CEO of MobiledgeX, a California based subsidiary of DT. He writes, “A powerful ‘rack’ tends to run about $250,000 and you can do 1-3 per site at a minimum. So generally a basic edge ‘experiment’ is probably around $3.5-6M in hardware and software.”

Distributed clouds are a challenge to manage. The synchronisation can be hard. You’ll need to resolve innumerable problems. Your people need training. Time to get started.

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100,000 Edge servers for India’s Jio

Mukesh Ambani is promising to add 100,000 servers to Reliance Jio, the largest announced Edge Network in the world. Jio’s 340M 4G subscribers are more than the entire US population and are changing the Internet. Next: 50 million fibre to the home priced from US$10. He is building a remarkable video offering that will take … Read more100,000 Edge servers for India’s Jio

Jeff Storey: 5 ms to Edge on Level 3 fiber

CEO Storey of CenturyLink can reach 95% of 2,000 sites of a large customer in 5 ms over fiber. That’s much faster than 5G wireless, which averages 30 ms or ~15 ms with an Edge Network. Part of the 5G claimed business case is that the 5G latency is needed for Edge servers. But Century/Level … Read moreJeff Storey: 5 ms to Edge on Level 3 fiber