Verizon coming 2019. ?10-15 ms

Nicki Palmer, Verizon’s senior vice president of technology and product direction, is clear. “We will have services available on our MEC platform by the end of the year and we will deliver on that promise. We have architecture up and running in New York City and we are seeing sub-10-millisecond latency right there as we continue to test.”

She adds, “With 5G, latency will ultimately be less than 10 milliseconds.” I’ve sent a note over for clarification. 10 ms latency on a 5G MEC connections would be surprising.

Most reports of air latency on 5G show 8-12 ms. For most purposes, one needs to add at least a few milliseconds for hops to the server and server response. AT&T, for example, quotes 15 ms for MEC similar to what I think you are building.

I’m guessing the sub-10 ms is the air latency and there will be another ~5 ms roundtrip to the MEC server. Verizon have new 5G radios in the lab with lower latency, plan to place servers at the towers rather than a few hops back, or …

Improvements welcome