10-15 ms servers deploying from Vapor IO

1 ms 5G is years away but the first 10-15 ms Edge Clouds are sprouting up. A day after I said, “No one is deploying Edge at the cell sites,” I discovered Vapor IO is deploying systems one hop away or sometimes at towers. Update: Vapor tells Mike Dano “Vapor IO is putting its edge computing functions,” where they can “manage hundreds or potentially thousands of cell radios.” Previously, they planned the opposite. At a guess, the difference is 3-8 ms. Apologies for my sloppy fact-checking. End update.

The first two are live in Chicago and they building over a dozen more. After four years and three funding rounds, they plan to launch 200 sites by the end of 2020. Goldman Sachs, Crown Castle, and private equity have been involved.  More at wirelessone.news

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